Higher Standard for Safety

 TubeMaster® is not satisfied with the “state” of Safety today, are you? 

TubeMaster®, Inc. has achieved 100% perfect safety for over 14 years in many different countries all over the world since day one, by having a culture of continuous improvement and respect. We use our invention-proven creative approach to dealing with safety just as when we invented the world’s fastest and first ten-tube pressure-drop test system now used worldwide.

As a result, we have developed our T.E.A.M. Safety System, a proprietary leadership method in use since 2005. Using T.E.A.M. and your other procedural processes we engage even the most casual of laborers. The moment our T.E.A.M. members enter the contractor gate at your plant you can finally have the same confidence each temporary worker is ready to perform safely and effectively.

Call TubeMaster® today for your next catalyst change to learn how using our T.E.A.M. Safety System™ will allow you to realize a higher standard for safety.

Safety Record

TubeMaster®‘s primary insurance agent is a certified risk manager and mechanical engineer with many years experience in US chemical plants. Our agent often visits and speaks to our team members during both day and night shifts when we are deployed on projects in the US. He is a welcome and valued partner in TubeMaster®‘s safety culture.

Our OSHA Safety Logs along with supporting documentation from our insurance providers are available for review on our web page or if not here, upon request.