To Operations Faster

TubeMaster® invented and introduced it’s first tool in 2002 which made catalyst handling history by blowing down and pressure-drop testing tubular reactors faster than ever before. To operations faster; Never before did a single invention (covered by 17 patents) make such progress for our industry. Since our beginning TubeMaster® has always been about doing things faster, with improved quality, while using fewer people to get the job done; all using field-proven technology. In fact, we have the Patents to prove it!

Today TubeMaster® has more publicly disclosed technology in terms of patents and pending patent applications than all of the world’s catalyst-handling competitors combined, in the 35+ year history of catalyst-handling. While we just got started in 2002, we have only just begun.

More importantly than the speed of our various technologies it our compulsive devotion to continuous improvement with our highly creative team engaged in respectful collaboration that permits us to develop our greatest inventions.

Our creativity includes a new way to lead and manage casual ad hoc labor that does most of the work. This development took longer and was harder than any device or method we ever invented. Today, our ability to return a plant to operations days faster than others is due to our unique combination of the world’s fastest catalyst-handling technologies with our proprietary leadership model. You will never think of casual ad hoc labor quite the same.

Contact us today to learn how TubeMaster® Technology plus our leadership model equals safe and Faster Return to Operations.