Educational Commitment

Note to High School Students for Engineer-shadow Part-time Position

TubeMaster®, Inc., winner of the 2003 Vogt Invention and Innovation Award as well as numerous awards for business and innovation, has been developing and deploying the world’s fastest and most efficient technologies in a highly specialized niche market called catalyst-handling. Since 2001 our team has produced inventions now covered by over 35 patents and over 100 patents pending that are now used regularly and increasingly around the world. With a 100% perfect safety record we know how to execute safer, better and faster (though seldom cheaper) than anyone on the planet. For the first time in TubeMaster®‘s story-book history we are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a young person who is currently in or just out of High School to join our amazingly creative team on a part-time basis. Fitting into our team, our culture will amaze you, your friends and probably even your parents, as we expose you to a culture of work and engagement you may have only just read about.

Want to be a part of the Next Big Thing someday? Yeah, us too. Turns out, our clients agree, we are it in our industry. You can get there too someday but, like each of us, you have to pay some dues first. Such dues come in the form of the tasks and activities we have in mind for you. Plus, your college interview will never be the same as another after a stint with TubeMaster®. Think you’ve got the right stuff? Tell us why. Do you like to work on and solve problems? Tell us about it. Think you work well alone and/or cooperate with others? Tell us how you do things better, faster and cheaper. Be quick, after all, TubeMaster® is the fastest on the planet.

University of Louisville College of Business

TubeMaster®‘s President Cliff Johns is a guest lecturer at the University of Louisville’s College of Business teaching classes on Innovation and New Product Development for graduate and post-graduate courses respectively.