HopperMaster ™

HopperMaster ™Stop rain from getting onto expensive catalyst and into your climate controlled reactor with HopperMaster ™

TubeMaster®, Inc.‘s solution to common catalyst-handling hopper issues:

  • Eliminates Line-of-Fire safety issues
  • Water / Rain tight sealed lid, hatch, and reactor connection
  • Screens catalyst by removing dust and fines
  • Minimizes dust creation as catalyst passes through hopper
  • Remote control pendant for use in reactor while dispensing
  • Pneumatic and manual controls
  • Capacity: stores and dispenses up to 1.5 super sacks of catalyst
  • Dual side controls
  • Vacuum removal of dust and fines
  • Air knives to blow dust off of catalyst before dispensing
  • No slide gates to chop catalyst
  • Drip edges and seals keep water out

Contact TubeMaster®, Inc. and let us show you how we are eliminating HS&E safety risks by combining HopperMaster ™ with our automatic catalyst loading system, which we call Just Add Catalyst ™ or just JAC ™ for short.