Head Handling Cart (The Guillotine™)

Guillotine 2014TubeMaster®, Inc.‘s Head Handling Cart (The Guillotine ™) is a custom-designed powered cart that allows reactor owners with removable bottom heads (and other heavy parts that are hard to handle) to remove and replace them with superior safely and efficiency.

Get rid of cart tracks that are a constant trip hazard.

Enhance workplace safety by eliminating risks associated with Chain Falls, Come-Alongs and Pinch Bars.

Avoid damaging gaskets and critical mating surfaces.

You would never think of walking below a crane with a known load but, workers often asked to spend hours below chain falls with that can become awkwardly loaded. Consider that cranes are typically engineered much better than chain falls and come-alongs.

The Guillotine ™ is engineered to fit into tight spaces with limited vertical and horizontal clearances. Designed and built by TubeMaster®, our Head Handling takes the head right off in a much safer manner while providing more accurate positioning compared to chain falls and come-a-longs. Simple and safe to use it needs minimal persons to take the head off and put it back on. When you need to pick or place something heavy and hard to reach, you need The Guillotine ™.

Unlike guillotines of history, with its unique design features, The Guillotine ™ makes taking the head off as well as back on, safe and fast. The operator has complete control of the head relative to the bottom of the reactor at all times and with superb precision placement control in both horizontal directions and rotationally. This precision movement capability ensures seals and sealing surfaces are not damaged during head work even if the ground is not level.

Let us show your team how The Guillotine ™ takes the head right off and on again and again. This extreme machine not only performs at -40 degrees F it can transform your plant’s entire safety culture and make it better.