Emergency Reactor Service

Quick Response

When reactors do not operate as expected, TubeMaster®, Inc.’s Emergency Reactor Service is the best solution to:

  • Locate miss-loaded tubes faster
  • Blowdown to remove dust
  • Pressure-drop Testing
  • Thermocouple Tube Testing with the ThermoCoupleMaster™ zero leak seal
  • Partial Catalyst Repacks
  • Custom Tube Loading
  • Coke Layer Disruption

When post-ignitions and other reactor performance issues arise, clients who used other contractors to load their reactors quickly question the loading quality, especially when lots of low skilled labor was used. Such problems need fast action, but fixing the problem requires shutting down the plant, cooling it down for entry, finding and fixing the problem, then heating up and start-up. In some cases, if the problem is missed again, the plant will have to shutdown and repeat the same steps, resulting in hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars of lost revenue and profit.

TubeMaster® can blow-down and/or pressure-drop test some or 100% of the reactor tubes faster than anyone on the planet. Our laser tracking technology ensures every tube is tested. Each of our Tube Test Devices can test ten tubes at-a-time, so it’s fast. TubeMaster® invented this solution in 2002 and our people are very skilled at using it.

TubeMaster® introduced emergency reactor testing service in 2003. Since then clients have saved time and repeat problems by using TubeMaster®.

TubeMaster® has the resources of equipment and skilled personnel which can be mobilized anywhere in the world to respond to your reactor emergency. Contact TubeMaster® to learn more about how we can even pre-stage equipment on-site to allow for even faster response time when mission critical options are needed.

Avoid the need to ever use TubeMaster®‘s Emergency Reactor Service by hiring TubeMaster® to Change Catalyst Faster™ by using our Turn-key Catalyst-Handling Service for initial loading and each catalyst change-out. There is no risk with our Pretty Simple Guarantee™. If you are not satisfied with our service there is no charge. Pretty Simple!