TEAM Safety System ™

Even with a 100% perfect safety record since 2001, we were not satisfied. So we created the T.E.A.M. Safety System

TubeMaster®, Inc. has applied the same creative culture and teamwork that invented and then deployed our field-proven innovations around the world to the issue of safety. Specifically, we address how we manage and lead temporary workers while ensuring they are safe while working on a project for which they may have zero experience or skills?

TubeMaster®, Inc. has developed it’s T.E.A.M. Safety System to lead those in the casual ad hoc labor market to be more successful both with respect to the project and for safety. TubeMaster®, Inc. did this by setting an even higher standard for safety. Along with our team-building methods and proprietary tools we can source even the most temporary of labor onto a project with skills and safety performance far above the typical worker.

To learn more about our T.E.A.M. Safety System please contact TubeMaster®, Inc.