Laser Tracking and List-to-Fix ™

With TubeMaster®, Inc.‘s patented Laser Tracking reactor stakeholders can finally ensure their contractor never misses a tube.

How much do you really value your production?

Laser Tracking

Our laser measures the location of every tube tested and links it automatically to each pressure-drop test so clients know for sure which tubes pass and which tubes fail. A colorized graphic is updated in real-time so you can see the test status at all times. Our powerful software includes our famous List-to-Fix™ which is used to identify every Laser Located tube that fails the test specification.

The cost associated with missing a single tube which later can lead to post-ignition at the worst and unconverted feedstock at a minimum. Failing to fix out of spec tubes can cost clients one to seven days of operation to shutdown, cool down, open the reactors, find the bad tube, fix it and start back up, again! Or worse, operating for months with reduced performance in an uncertain global chemical market until the next catalyst change is never acceptable.

Eliminate the risk of operating at reduced performance with Laser Tracking and our automatic List-to-Fix™ and start realizing more profit with less risk.

Using colored caps is the old school way to keep track of testing. Eliminate the risk of low skilled labor making a mistake with a single colored cap (out of many thousands) by using TubeMaster®‘s modern Laser Tracking method to automatically integrate into our List-to-Fix™ and never miss a tube again.

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Please contact TubeMaster® about how Laser Tracking ensures you never miss a tube and automatically provides reactor owners with full control of their tubes, especially ones they want corrected using our List-to-Fix™.