Outage Loading Equipment ™ (OLE’)

Outage Loading EquipmentSave money, time and use less catalyst with our patented (seven patents) Outage Loading Equipment (OLE’™) by loading catalyst to virtually any outage.

OLE’™ achieves precise outage control not possible with other loading methods. In many cases OLE’™ can load to virtually any outage (call for details), even outages far outside of the ability of competitor devices. Please contact TubeMaster®, Inc. about how OLE’™ can load to your normal and deep outage requirements without a machine!

Outage Loading Equipment

The OLE’™ device is so capable in some cases it can solve the problem of having many thousands of long sleeves all over the reactor and platform for staging. Please contact TubeMaster®, Inc. about how OLE’™ can be deployed so that it eliminates the congestion, safety issues and mess involved with using catalyst loading sleeves to load catalyst.

Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty

Are you frustrated using inferior catalyst loading sleeves from competitors which can separate and become lost in reactor tubes (only to be found by TubeMaster®, Inc. if we do the testing). Our high quality sleeves do not separate! Why tolerate other sleeves that fail only to result in lower reactor performance, post ignitions and lower profits when you have a superior choice in devices?

Each of our Outage Loading Equipment (OLE’™) catalyst loading sleeves are warranted for life as long as they are used continuously. TubeMaster®, Inc. will repair or replace any OLE’™ device for reasons of defective workmanship or material failure at no cost to the client.

Let TubeMaster®, Inc. design your custom OLE’™ catalyst loading sleeve solution using better materials so you can:

  • Load more catalyst
  • Have less attrition and less dust
  • Have more uniform pressure-drop test results
  • Have fewer corrections using your pass/fail specification
  • Get OLE’™ today, the only sleeves you never have to replace.

Contact TubeMaster®, Inc. and let us show you how to get more value from your catalyst loading sleeves today!