The TubeMaster® Test System ™

The patented TubeMaster®, Inc. Test System™, is the disruptive technology that started it all in 2002 and launched TubeMaster® into the catalyst-handling industry with the world’s first:

Fully-integrated ten-tube pressure-drop test system with:

  • TubeMaster Test SystemAutomatic Laser Tracking (never miss a tube again)
  • Automatic test progression (remove the operator ensures data integrity)
  • Real-time data logging and analysis
  • Plenty of sophisticated software and equipment to test any tube of all sizes, any flow in any reactor anywhere in the world; delivering new records for speed and quality.

It is no surprise, The TubeMaster® Test System™ is so fast, it is still setting records especially against competitors using knock-offs. The knock-offs, like a fake Rolex™ appear nice, until you have to depend on them. Today, The TubeMaster® Test System™ is occasionally called in on an emergency basis to rescue a client who tried to save money by using a contractor with a knock-off or sub-par test system. On a recent case in 2012, a contractor took over 72 hours to test the first reactor on a multi-reactor catalyst change project. TubeMaster® did the blow-down and pressure-drop testing on later reactors in 12 hours or half the scheduled time and saved the day.

Since it’s deployment in 2002, The TubeMaster® Test System™ has set a record for speed on every single project! Typical time savings from the best previous record by even experienced catalyst-handling contractors for blow-down and pressure-drop testing (sometimes called DP testing) is at least twice as fast as any contractor has ever done and routinely three times faster, four times faster, five times faster, six times faster, seven times faster and even eight times faster.

In a better example of the authorized use of The TubeMaster® Test System™ a 25,250 tube reactor was tested in just four hours and ten minutes, between breakfast and lunch! Amazing!

We agree and today we will guarantee that we will be, at least, twice as fast as any other method or contractor, or there is no charge!