Tube Test Device ™ (TTD)

Tube Test DeviceEach patented Tube Test Device™ (TTD™) can test ten tubes-at-once with a laser to measure it’s location in every row so no tube is missed. Includes an 11th channel umbilical to test single tubes too. The software used takes the operator out of the picture to ensure high test quality. Each TTD™ is engineered to:

  • Laser tracking that links every test to each tube so every tube is tested.
  • Produce the precise flow exceeding the accuracy of mass flow controllers used by competitors to ensure accurate results, something that is very important when using a pass/fail specification of just a few percent.
  • Automatic for use by low skilled labor (with supervisor)
  • Today our TTD™ has been used to test tubes in the most limiting space conditions, even upside down all the while setting a record for speed and quality.

Imagine how fast we can test your reactor with two to four or more TTD™s being used at the same time! Find out why clients specify the TTD™ and The TubeMaster® Test System™ for repeat projects.